Histopathological classification of endocervical adenocarcinoma

The purpose of this website is to provide training in performing histopathological classification of endocervical adenocarcinoma. This is done by diagnosis of one of the histotypes of endocervical adenocarcinoma, using the criteria below:

HPV-associated endocervical adenocarcinomas (HPVA) Non-HPV-unassociated (HPV-independent) endocervical adenocarcinoma (NHPVA)

You will be asked to place each tumor into one of the following categories, from a drop down menu:

  1. HPV-associated (HPVA) related patterns:
    1. Usual
    2. Papillary (including villoglandular)
    3. Mucinous
      1. NOS
      2. Intestinal (with goblet cells, sometimes with neuroendocrine differentiation)
      3. Signet ring
      4. Invasive stratified mucinous carcinoma
    4. Mixed
    5. Not otherwise specified (confirm HPVA, but doesn’t fit into any other category)
  2. Non-HPV-associated (NHPVA):
    1. Gastric-type
    2. Clear Cell
    3. Mesonephric
    4. Endometrioid
    5. Not otherwise specified (confirm Non-HPVA, but doesn’t fit into any other category)

There are 56 cases and they are divided into 25 cases as a TRAINING SET; for each of these cases, please review the slide and choose the most appropriate histopathological classification, as per the guidelines above, and click on the result button to immediately see the classification assigned by the study pathologists.

There are also 31 cases in the TEST SET; for this series of 31 scanned slide images, please choose a histopathological classification for each image, and when you have completed all 31 slides, you will be given your results for the series, compared to the classification assigned by the study pathologists.

To start, click on the TRAINING SET link, below. After reviewing the training set cases, please proceed to the TEST SET.

TRAINING SET (25 cases)

TEST SET (31 cases)

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